Every end has a new beginning in sight!

Let sleeping dogs lie

Hey loves,

Today being the last day of April, a month that’s been particularly intense for me on the work front as well as personal. As the insta / twitter peeps would say yhu…ndiske nda GOWA mntase! Besides being busy and working myself to a pulp at times…well most of the time, because we all know your girl is fighting for growth and some machankura (coins); a lot’s been happening that’s required me to make some very challenging decisions, but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do right? RIGHT! That being said, decisions made and results still pending. We hope for the best.

Anyway, there isn’t much I intended to share today except for the fact that as the month of May starts tomorrow. I aim to start afresh right with it, by first letting go of all the things that have occupied my mind in the most intolerable way in order to re-align my focus. To let sleeping dogs lie. While on the flip side, making time for the things and experiences that matter to me the most. Keep on keeping on as every end has a new and beautiful beginning in sight.

Toodles ❤


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