Life in LIMBO…love and loss!

Hey loves…WOW it’s been ages. I’ve even lost track of how long it’s actually been. But I’m back…back for good this time, I PROMISE.

Maaaaaann I’ve missed writing and sharing my thoughts with you. So, while I was away, I toyed around so much with ideas of the angle I wanna take for my blog. I wanted something fresh, that’ll re-captivate the reason why I started writing in the first place, but then finally decided to return to my original content…about my life experiences, how I’m feeling and to just be real in sharing my thoughts…so here we are 😊

This piece was inspired by this past weekend, which the kids and I spent at my sister’s place. The conversations we had with the ladies about life in general and our experiences on how feelings and emotions shape our destiny, through the things that we think about, focus on and do which ultimately shapes the direction our lives take. The dialogs reminded me of what a friend of mine had recently shared on what they are going through, from the love and career areas of their life so I thought it would be worthwhile for me to share with you a particular thought I related to from some of the things the ladies and I spoke about and my opinions on these. Hope it touches a soul or two or three…

A highlight for me was “NOTHING IN THIS WORLD LASTS FOREVER”. Feelings, whether good or bad don’t last forever. The intensity of the feeling of love doesn’t last forever, it fades over time, leaving behind what feels like some kind of resentment towards a person or even a thing. Emotions change too, today you might be attracted to someone or something but not feel the same way tomorrow. You know, the feeling of butterflies in your tummy from the early days of a loving relationship? That doesn’t last long right? Right! So I’ve found it’s imperative to spend as much time and energy as possible enjoying every single bit of the things that I love with no limitations and spending time with the people I love, consciously making this a point every single day.

This is intensified when “LOSS” happens. We’ve all lost loved ones or things we loved. I know I have…I’ve even lost count of how many times. Whether through death or that person or thing being no longer accessible to or available for me. Family, friends, relationships, joy, peace, love, you name it. We may try, by all means necessary to maintain the existence of that which we love, but the one thing that remains is “Nothing lasts forever”.

Through this we all learn that ultimately, like the circle of life; feelings, thoughts and actions will never last forever…but only memories. A love for someone or something could be taken away to almost a nonexistence by pain, hurt, or simply no longer being available, until with the very scarce benefit of time, that pain or hurt wares away. We learn to love once again, we are at peace once again and we experience joy once again, whether with that very same person or thing, or our love, peace or joy is redirected to someone or something else.

We will feel it with exactly the same intensity which takes all the negative emotions away, to an extent that we almost forget, JUST ALMOST. We let go almost completely. The key is to just let ourselves and each other go through it, to experience all these feelings to their fullest, even loss or hurt itself, understanding that it will soon pass.

Because nothing lasts forever, we live in LIMBO!

With love,


x o x o

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