Let’s break it down…#productstash

A cartoon version of me and my kinks by Alan Simpson…I loooove it!!!

Okay…right to it. As promised, I’m gonna share with you some of the products I use on my hair. Remember I did say I’m still in the experimental phase and that in order for me to understand what my hair likes, I’m trying a few products at a time right? RIGHT! 1f607[1] I also mentioned here that I’ll share with you what I use and how right? RIGHT! 1f4af[1]

I won’t go into a lot of detail here because I done laid it down on my previous post for ya. So here we go 1f447[1]

For SCALP HEALTH I cleanse my scalp and hair to avoid blocked ‘pores’ and build up from oil / products using any one of the below cleansers once a month in rotation, depending on how my hair feels. I’ll probably have these for over a year. That’s just how little I use them…I’m loving the Afro Dew – African Black Soap Shampoo though, it’s my fav out of the 3. Each to their own though.

My Shampoos

The other three weeks in the month I use the below rinse off conditioners to co-wash (conditioner wash) my hair. I’m particularly obsessed with the Tresseme Botanique, has slip for daaaaaays and does the job when cleansing yet also keeping my hair juicy and super moisturized. I use it quite a lot, it’s a detangling dream. I can’t imagine what I’d do without this product. Did I meantion how my coils pop after using it? Yup. It does the things  1f495[1]

My current rinse out conditioners ❤

When MOISTURIZING (PS: I looooove this step btw)…I first make sure I deep condition my hair with every wash. About three times a month with a moisturizing / hydrating deep conditioner and at least once a month with a protein replenishing treatment. All depending ofcourse on what my hair wants (PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR HAIR). When it’s brittle and breaking = it needs protein, when its dry and dull, it needs moisture. So It’s  important to pay attention. The below are my absolute favs in this step (I’m yet to try DIY). Oh and I keep the product in my hair under a shower cap and hot towel for an hour before washing it out with lukewarm…almost cold water.

Sachets because…commitment issues and these brands ain’t cheap y’all
Aunt Jackie’s (Fix My Hair) a FAV as you can see, it’s almost finished lol
Some protein to mend those strands

After rinsing out my deep conditioner, I wait for my hair to get to a sort of damp kinda dry, not crisp dry (80% dry) if you get what I mean 🙂 before I put on a bit of leave in conditioner, which is the L in my LCO method (explained here1f447[1]

(PS: I ran out of Aunt Jackie’s – Quench, which is an absolute fav)

My Leave – in Conditioners

I then use a cream / butter (i.e. the C in my LCO method) when the leave in conditioner has been sufficiently absorbed into my hair. I work it in with my hands really…the below are my winter butters. I know these are pretty heavy butters but they work for this here season.

Hey Butter ❤
Almost running out of this easy to spread Butter. Used it a lot in summer as well.

After that I then SEAL in all that goodness with an oil which is the O in my LCO method. I use different kinds of oils depending on what my hair feels like and how I’ll be wearing my hair that day.

PS: The centre (unlabelled) glass jar is my own homemade concoction. I had whipped up a mixture of unrefined organic coconut oil, 100% raw shea butter, EVOO & Grapeseed Oil if I remember correctly. I’ve had this for a while. A gem of a mixture I tell you.

My oil stash!

For daily maintenance, I just spritz my hair with my spritz mixture (ingredients mentioned here) in the mornings and the LCO method in the evenings.

My Spritz mixture…please excuse my un-manicured nails 😦

Lastly…I use the below shower cap when deep conditioning, scalp massager to massage my scalp and to detangle and the satin head scarf to protect my hair at night-time.

From left: Shower cap, Scalp Massager / Detangler & Satin Scarf.

That’s about it. Remember to let it fro and let it grow. Health first, length later. Shrinkage is a SUPERPOWER!!!

xoxo Maki 1f495[1]

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  1. Mapule says:

    You seem to use a lot of products for the same purpose. Why do you need 3 shampoos at a time? (3 conditioners, 3leave-in, etc)


    1. pagesbymaki says:

      Hi Mapule, I don’t use all products at once. I did mention I’m still exploring, trying to find the right combination of products that will work flawlessly for my hair. Hope this clarifies.


  2. Girl, honestly you know about having to experiment with like 210 different products just to find one that KIND of works! I absolutely LOVE tresemme products, they’re brilliant xx


    1. pagesbymaki says:

      Giiiiiirrrrrrrrl!!!! You know this. Will get there though. Almost there actually. I am obsessed with my current Tresemme conditioner ❤ *kisses* {Side Note: Thanks for the follow hun}

      Liked by 1 person

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