Sooooo! These kinks are starting to flourish and peeps are noticing…

Hey lovelies,

Wow so much to share and so little time. Hope, you’re all doing well. I know I am *chuckles*

Right, so let’s get to it, I’m so excited to be writing another natural hair post, especially because this has been highly requested and my hair is something so close to my heart. Peeps have been asking me what I’ve been doing to my hair for it to be so healthy and fuller. A point to note here is *my hair is still in its TWA (teenie weenie afro) stage* and I’m so excited because…well if y’all are already complimenting my hair now, I can’t wait to hear what you’ll be saying when it’s waist length. Aha, we’re going all the way huntaaay, however long that takes. But most importantly, my fro’s health is priority numero uno right now.

I’m no expert on natural hair and how to take care of it, but I’ve done my research (still am), experimenting with products and have committed to investing time and care to my fro so it can flourish (Okay here I’m reminded of ‘Okmalumkoolkat – Straight to the top’ track). I’ve written before of my motivations on going back to my kinks and my relationship with my hair, so that’s not what this post is about. I’m gonna share a bit of what I know and been doing to get my hair to where it currently is. Who knows, I might just share some product info too *wink-wink*. This year I was introduced (well more like introduced myself) to the natural hair community and boy am I glad I did. Most of us girls with kinks, coils and curls (ooooh that sounds kinda cute 🙂 ) have for ages been eluded with the idea that our hair is unmanageable, not cute and better straightened…well all that is WRONG. Unlearn all of it beyps and stick with me hahahaha, you’ll love your mane as much as or even way more than I love mine.

Our hair behaves a lot like plants, WATER it and it’ll flourish. All our hair needs is hydration and moisture. It’s THAT easy. Well there’s a little more, but once you establish a routine and what your hair likes, you’re good to go (becoz hello our hair has personality y’all). This is such an exciting journey for me and I can’t wait to be sharing all there is to share about my experience with you…

What I always keep in mind in taking care of my hair is:

  1. Taking great care in ensuring that what I put in my mouth is healthy, remember what you put in is what you get out (health is wealth right?)
  2. Ensuring that my scalp is healthy so the hair growing from it is also healthy (clean, moisturized & protected boo)
  3. Making sure that I prevent whatever hair that’s grown out of my scalp from breaking (length retention beyps)

Point one being diet, and no I don’t mean the lose weight kinda diet, but I mean taking  great care to eat more of the good foods than the bad. Remember, hair grows from our scalp, so hydration is a ‘Major Key Alert’ (Hello DJ Khaled ❤ ). Seriously though, it only makes sense to get and stay hydrated, not just for our hair but for overall health.

Secondly, scalp health. For this I cleanse my hair once EVERY week; and only once a month with shampoo (NB: I use Coconut Oil the night before my shampoo wash on my hair to pre-poo, making sure I don’t lose natural oils during the shampoo process), but most weeks I just wash it with my rinse off conditioner. I then deep condition with EVERY single wash, that means, weekly darling to get those nutrients restored right back in. This part feels soooo good. I substitute my hydrating / moisturizing deep conditioners once a month with a protein treatment, you know to get that balance situation going.

Finally, on the daily…and I mean every day. I use the LCO (Liquid – Cream or Butter – Oil) method to moisturize my hair, keeping it well hydrated and prevent any breakage that wants to creep in. I WATER my hair with a spritz I put together. My spritz bottle has some 80% water, 15% leave in conditioner and 5% coconut oil for control lol. I then seal in all that moisture with a Shea Butter Cream / other Cream or Butter of choice AND a little Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) OR Jamaican Black Castor Oil – sometimes). I hardly use styling products on my hair, well it’s still in its TWA stage so I don’t want to be too EXTRA…



I hardly have my hair in braids / tight hairstyles anymore because my strands are very fine. If I do, it’s not more than two weeks. Oh and I try not to fiddle or touch my hair often. I LEAVE IT ALONE!

Hardly comb it. Instead I use my fingers to detangle and I do this very gently. But when I do comb, I use a very large afro comb / wide toothed comb, so as not to tug on the stands. I never handle my hair dry, I at least spritz it so it’s damp whenever I handle it.

Okay this is my final 5 cents worth. I always, with no fail cover my hair for bed with a satin scarf / doek (IDUKU). Satin because it doesn’t strip the hair of the moisture I’ve worked so hard to put in. Plus it’s so nice and slippery, it doesn’t cause any friction that might break my strands.

Well that’s about it for now. Soon I’ll be sharing exactly what products I’ve found to be working for me and my mane. Keep a lookout and let your fro grow 😉

xoxo Maki ❤



5 Comments Add yours

  1. Hlengiwe says:

    I love it! I have also recently found the perfect oil that my hair is responding to. I love it when you stumble across something that your hair rewards you for hehe


    1. pagesbymaki says:

      Yey! Glad you’ve found THE oil for yours too. Our hair loves being nurtured. *kisses*


  2. Your hair looks beautiful! I totally agree with keeping the scalp clean for healthy hair


    1. pagesbymaki says:

      Wow, thank you doll. Healthy scalp = Healthy hair babe ❤


  3. allysoally says:

    You are looking gorgeous Maki!


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