REVIEW TIME – Nivea Perfect & Radiant Micellar 3 In 1 Cleansing Water

Hey lovers,

I was super ecstatic when Rubybox approached me to try and review the Nivea Perfect & Radiant Micellar 3 In 1 Cleansing Water. I’d read tons of amazing reviews and simply couldn’t wait to try it out.

In this blog post, I’ll be sharing my honest views on the product and how it’s treated my skin thus far.

Nivea 2

Quick break down of the product promises:

Nivea Perfect & Radiant Micellar 3 In 1 Cleansing Water 400 ml

Detailed Description:
NIVEA Perfect & Radiant Micellar 3-in-1 Cleansing Water enriched with Vitamin E works in harmony with your skin to: deeply clean without oily residues, gently remove even waterproof make-up without rubbing, refresh and tone to support the skin’s beautiful, radiant appearance. The gentle formula does not dry out or irritate the skin. For best results use daily followed by Perfect & Radiant day cream, light daily moisturiser or night cream.

  • The formula with Micellar Technology traps even small particles of dirt and make-up like a magnet

Pack size:
400 ml e

Application according to bottle:
Apply daily with a cotton pad to cleansed face, while keeping your eyes closed.

Half removed make – up 🙂

Okay, so the formalities ore out the way whoah!!!

Here’s my first impression of the product on application —> So gentle it makes the cotton pad super soft. On skin, it’s basically like water, doesn’t even sting the eyes…yeah I know I’m supposed to keep them closed, but that eyeliner had to go right?

Secondly —> It removes make-up like a dream, without rubbing as it promises. Not too sure about making my skin radiant, but it absolutely does not dry out the skin. I did get a little irritation though, not sure which product is causing it.

Final feels —> I must be honest and say, I knew Nivea wouldn’t disappoint but hello…NIVEA Perfect & Radiant 3-in-1 Cleansing Water exceeded my expectations. I’ve tried another brand Micellar water before and boy was I mad I wasted all that money. But NIVEA, you’ve outdone yourself. In less than a month of using this product and I’m totally SOLD. My friends are too, I’ve been getting so much positive feedback from them these passed two weeks…BIG ups NIVEA & thanks to RUBYBOX for the plug!

The where’s and hows —> Get yours for ZAR 99.95 at Clicks, Dischem and other leading retailers.

Let me know if you’ve tried this product and your thoughts on its delivery.

#NIVEASA #rubybox #Perfect&Radiant

xoxo Maki ❤


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